Media Architect

The world of media design is experiencing an ongoing revolution. The old paradigms no longer dominate the landscape, and Billy Pittard has been an active participant in the revolution. He uses the term Media Architect to describe the range of his experience in media design and content creation. His body of work includes television, film, websites, mobile, social, and other forms of interactive media.

As a Media Architect, he looks at the big picture to coordinate business, creative, and technical considerations to effectively achieve the goals of the project, or to blaze new trails as technology expands the realm of the possible. The success of his work is driven by an understanding and appreciation that every medium delivers a different kind of experience, and that every target audience is different. Whether the job is to inform, inspire, educate, influence, entertain, or innovate; digital media is his canvas.

His work goes beyond creating content for established platforms. He has long been involved with the development of emerging media platforms such as interactive television, broadband Internet, digital video recorders, and interactive DVDs. Invention, innovation, and pushing media platforms to higher levels of interactive performance are a key part of his portfolio.

Awards and Honors

  • 5 Emmy Awards and 16 additional nominations
  • U.S. Patent #7,705,746 for a simplified control system for electronic media
  • Golden Lamp Award (best of show) and Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers
  • 25th Anniversary Telly Award for the best educational video of the last 25 years
  • 12 BDA Gold Awards, and numerous Silvers
  • 4 Promax Gold Awards, and numerous Silvers
  • Leonard Maltin DVD Awards, Best Documentary DVD
  • Over 900 other industry awards

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Work Samples and Credits

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