Creative Collaboration

by Billy Pittard on September 25, 2009

1+1=3 is the magic of creative collaboration, but all too often 1+1<2 is what people actually experience. Creative excellence can be as elusive as trying to grab a handful of fog, but with the right approach, it’s possible to achieve great creative results time after time. Creativity and creative collaboration are not all that mysterious and difficult if you pay attention to the process as much as the outcome. I had the good fortune to be able to do just that at my former company, Pittard Sullivan. I realized that the greatest value I could bring to the work of the amazingly talented staff was to create conditions for everyone to do their best work. I had the luxury and the opportunity to try a lot of different things and test them in a real-world, high-volume, high-pressure work environment. I gained considerable insight in to the psychology of professional creativity and developed a set of processes that can be applied to any kind of creative endeavor.

This blog is my way of sharing some of the things I’ve learned. It’s about achieving the best creative results and having a great experience in the process. I constantly consider four distinct points of view so that readers will be able to relate to the content as they read:

A hands-on creative person

A member of a creative team

A manager or leader of creative workers

A client who depends upon the work of creative people

This Creative Collaboration series will have approximately nine installments and then I will move onto other topics. Each installment is really just the tip of it’s own iceberg, but I try to load each one with practical information readers can use right away. The get the whole story, you’ll have to hire me ;-) or wait for the book!

I invite readers to share my blog, and comment on the posts.

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